Our Baby Shower

January 8, 2019

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, our baby shower was this past Saturday and it was without a doubt one of the most special days of our lives. I knew that my mom wanted to throw a baby shower since finding out she was having a grandchild, but to be honest, I was never really keen on the idea of having one. I feel like they take so much effort and I have also been feeling so spoiled from my family as of late with everything happening at once (wedding, house, baby). I honestly would have been 100% okay with not having a shower, but once we decided on a date just before Christmas, I started getting excited and the itch to party plan hit me. I took over when it came to the theme and details of the shower, but when it came to execution, Jamie, my mom and sisters all helped SO much. After New Years Eve, I hopped onto Pinterest to gather baby shower inspiration. I was looking for simple DIY decor ideas that I’d be able to pull together in just a week and found so much inspiration for our fox/woodland/adventure awaits baby shower. We ended up throwing the shower at our house because a. it is pretty big and b. a lot of our family had yet to see it. We invited all of our family, including the men, which I think is so much more fun than having a gals only shower. In the end, I was SO thrilled with how everything turned out and I truly can’t believe how much love our baby is already surrounded by. He is going to be one spoiled little guy. Keep reading to see more of our baby shower and all of the little details we put together.
Balloon arches have been all over Pinterest for some time, and have always loved the way they look. However, I never had any reason to try one out for myself…that is until our shower. To be honest, I thought that this was going to be a HUGE Pinterest fail but I am so proud of how this arch turned out. We used this tutorial to learn how to make a balloon arch and my sisters and mom spent about an hour blowing up and tying balloons together while I constructed the arch with clear string (aka monofilament). We used a mixture of 12″ and 9″ clear and white balloons and blew them up into different sizes. The key to getting the perfect balloon arch is to make sure your balloons are circular. The tutorial we used was really great for showing how to to just that. Once the arch was complete, we simply used packing tape to stick it to the wall. I think it looks like a big floating cloud!

After the arch was on the wall, I was feeling like we still needed a little something underneath so we decided to make a “BABY” sign using floral wire and greens. To make the sign, we simply shaped letters using floral wire and then covered the letters in greenery and secured them with more wire (you can also secure with floral tape). This was such an easy DIY and I think that it looks so whimsical and perfect for the baby shower theme.
Instead of buying flowers to fill the room, which would have been SO expensive, I ordered one 12 foot salal garland for our dining table as well as a mix of other loose greens from The Flower Shop that I used to make greenery arrangements, the “BABY” sign and other greenery installations around the dining room (more below). I think the mixed greenery works so well with our theme and I love all of the added texture it gave the room.
One of my favourite elements from our shower were these fox cupcakes by Gateaux Rose. Gateaux Rose made the cake for our wedding and we were not only thrilled with how beautiful it was, but her flavours are truly unmatched. Crystal designed these chocolate mocha fox cupcakes and they were a HIT! We also ordered raspberry earl grey cupcakes (to the left) and they were sooooo yummy).
Another way that I used greenery was by tying some loose greens to the string of a 24″ balloon as well as opening a drawer in our built-in and tucking some loose mixed greenery into it. It gives some serious whimsical forest vibes and I’m very into it.
My mom made the most delicious scones that we served with berries, whipped cream and jam. We put the jam in this adorable fox vase that I found at Wal-Mart. I also had a bunch of wooden stumps that I use regularly for props for the blog …they came in handy with this theme to serve food on! We also used crates from the home depot that we spray painted white for displaying other food and decor items. 
Milo sniffing out the fox basket
Chocolate chia puddings topped with berries and coconut.
Our food theme was brunch and we had SO many delicious menu items, but my favourites were definitely the waffle bar and the Shakshuka my sister made. 

Other decor elements included hanging the woodland mobile for Baby Logans nursery over the dining room table and spray painting toy animals, (found at Michaels and Dollarama) that we scattered down the garland, white.
This shelf is another one of my favourite elements from the shower. I used items we had already collected for Baby Logan plus other items from around our home to decorate this shelf. We spray painted old picture frames and the crate white and placed some loose greenery on each shelf to make it come alive. 
Fox cupcakes from Gateaux Rose

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