October Beauty Faves

November 3, 2015

As I slowly find my make-up bag filling up with more all-natural beauty products than ever before, I still find it extremely difficult to turn down the latest and greatest at Sephora. I’ve decided that for me it is all about finding a balance when it comes to beauty and what I put on my skin. Although I would eventually like to go all-natural with my beauty regimen, right now two out of three natural beauty faves isn’t bad for the month of October.
Nars Steven Klein Collaboration Dual-Intensity Blush: When highlighting my face I’ve always opted for a pearlescent powder over gold in the past. For the fall I decided to switch things up in the highlighting department and picked up this shimmering gold/brick-red combo from the Nars X Steven Klein Collection. I really like the look of a gold highlight for the upcoming holidays and the darker blush is something that is new to me as well. I use the gold highlight on my cheekbones and temples but also like to add a bit on my brow bone and cupid’s bow for that extra golden glow. I use a very minimal amount of the brick-red shade on the apples of my cheeks as it is very pigmented, but I like how the two colours work together to create a very fall appropriate shade on my complexion. 
By Rosie Jane, James Roll On: Ever since I started using By Rosie Jane products last year I have been obsessed with everything they offer. When their new scent James came out I knew I had to have it. With notes of fig, amber and gardenia, James is such an unexpected and mysterious scent that works perfectly for the cooler months. It doesn’t hurt that the perfume oil also shares the same name as my boyfriend. 
Leaves of Trees Headache Balm: Although this might not be considered a beauty buy it has quickly become a lifesaver when I feel a headache coming on (which is quite often). In the past I’ve reached for pain killers to rid myself of my headaches, but because I get them so frequently I really don’t like to rely on taking Ibuprofen multiple times a week. When I received this balm in a gift bag at an event I was so excited to give an all natural headache remedy a try. Anytime that I feel a headache creeping up I rub this peppermint, lavender and eucalyptus infused balm on my temples and under my nose and breathe it in. It doesn’t cure my headaches completely but it sure helps in the relief. 

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