January Beauty Faves

January 26, 2016

This month I’m excited to share with you 3 products that I never knew that I needed but now can’t live without. A de-tangler that is saving my hair and cutting my routine in half, a lipstick that I picked up for free with MACs back to MAC program and a make-up mist that I remembered I had under my counter that gives me that dewy completion in the middle of winter.
Shu Uemura Wonder Worker Air Dry/Blow Dry Perfector: It’s no secret that I have extremely thick hair and with that comes unruly tangles that I just can’t seem to combat. This  Shu Uemura “wonder-worker” was given to me only just a week ago and has truly been exactly as the name suggests ever since. When my hair is wet I spray a few spritzes all over focusing on my ends, and I am telling you…my hair combs through in a pinch! If the detangling effect isn’t enough it also is a blow-dry protector and the smell is to-die-for!
MAC Lipstick in Speak Louder: Last month I was drawn to this holiday inspired lipstick  and was wearing it non-stop during the Christmas season for a little extra glam. And although I don’t normally like to showcase 2 lipsticks back to back, this month I have been using this MAC lipstick in Speak Louder so much that I felt like I had to share. The only products I have ever used from MAC are their eyebrow pencil (obsessed is an understatement) and their lipsticks which I find to apply so smoothly and have serious staying power. Speak Louder in particular is to me the perfect poppy pink and I love wearing it right now because I find it really brightens up my face and has me dreaming of spring during the last of the dull winter months.
E.L.F Makeup Mist and Set: This product is one that has been underneath my cupboard for months (it was a gift from my mom) and that I’d never even thought to reach for until recently when every time I’d put my makeup on my skin would feel tight and dry (probably due to the season). I remembered that I had this mist infused with cucumber, green tea and vitamins A and E and figured I’d give it a shot. I love the feeling of spraying this on my face when I’m finished with my makeup, it feels so refreshing and makes my skin feel moisturized, dewy and glowing. I’m not positive this is the best makeup mist out there because it’s all I had at the time, and  although I do LOVE it (the price tag is amazing) when I’m finished I’m going to experiment with an all natural variety.

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