February Beauty Faves

March 1, 2016

Februarys beauty picks all seem to have one theme in common; correcting. From a 5-in-1 nail treatment that also acts as a pretty polish, to a concealer that covers and corrects dark circles like a pro, and finally a mask that I am literally obsessed with, I hope that you enjoy my February beauty picks as much as I have.
Formula X The Fix: For the most part I normally stick to at home manicures (see how to get the most out of your mani here) or just keep my nails bare but maintained. Although my nails look fine when they are bare I obviously much prefer the look of a freshly painted nails so I’ve found the new Formula X “The Fix” to be a great compromise. The sheer pink/pearly sheen instantly enhances the look of my nails making them appear smooth and perfected while the treatment itself works its magic to strengthen and correct. I just love that it looks like I have a shiny polish on while the formula makes my nails healthier at the same time
Makeup Forever Ultra HD Concealer:  I have been using Makeup Forever’s Ultra HD foundation since I featured it as one of my fave picks for the month of September, so when the new Ultra HD concealer launched recently I knew I had to try it.  This creamy, highly pigmented concealer works wonders under my eyes and for highlighting areas on my face that I want to feature. The bottle is tiny but I find that the smallest amount of concealer gets the job done perfectly. Because I am in front of the camera A LOT this concealer does an amazing job at hiding my blemishes and covering up any dark circles. february_beauty_faves_4
Provence Apothecary Detoxifying and Clarifying Clay Mask: The first time I tried this mask was before Christmas when I asked for a sample of it while at Whole Foods. I had heard great things about the Provence Apothecary line but at the time was still skeptical about spending $60 on a mask I’d never tried. The first time I used this mask I mixed with water (it’s in a powder so you have to mix it with something) and automatically I noticed how great it felt on my skin and how glowy and calm it looked after use. I had planed on purchasing it much sooner than February but I wanted to buy the smaller, $18 bottle just to make sure that I truly loved it. I finally tracked a bottle down at Urban Outfitters and have since used this mask 3 times this February. I now mix the mask with Manuka honey instead of water and let me tell you it has been a lifesaver. The combination of the Manuka honey and the clay/algae/maple syrup mask feels amazing on my face…I could literally leave it on for hours (see a photo here) and my acne seems to have calmed down more than it has in a year. I will absolutely be re-purchasing this in the big size and I can’t wait to try more products in the Provence Apothecary line.

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