Life on a Rock

June 3, 2013


I love the look of an all printed outfit, using a different print on bottom and on top. At first, I admit, it can be intimidating, but when done right it can look playful and unique. my philosophy is this; “Just act like you own a goldmine, and you’re in the club.” (Molly Brown to Jack Dawson in Titanic). The easiest way to mix a print is to go for something that’s striped (stripes can go with just about anything) and then for your next print go with something in the same colour family like these pants with blue undertones. For your first time don’t try anything crazy, keep the look simple and Top it off with a jean jacket, some aviators and a pop of colour with your bag or lipstick. You are now mixing prints like a pro!



What I’m wearing: Top; Dex, Pants; H&M, Jacket; Gap, Sandals; Mossimo at Target, Bag; Rebecca Minkoff, Jewels; Vintage and Tiffany & Co. Sunglasses; Ray-Ban

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