Stripes and Seersucker

August 6, 2019

Happy Tuesday Friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend. We took Edwin to a local outdoor pool and it was so much fun. We were only there for around 30 minutes because we didn’t want him to get too cold but he LOVED being in the water with us and didn’t cry at all. I’m taking a little break from wedding posts today (I still have 1 or 2 to share, I can’t decide yet, ha) to share an outfit I wore last week. I’ve found I’ve been wearing so many dresses this summer. There are so many options that are forgiving around the waist and I still need it as I haven’t exercised once except for walks since having Edwin. I’m taking it really slow in that department and am not mad about it in the slightest. Taking care of a baby is a lot of work in and of itself and I’m not setting expectations for my body right now. I’ll likely start exercising when Edwin hits the 6 month mark. Anyway! This dress is so cute and I bought it on sale for like $40 at Urban Oufitters. I think it is sold out online but i’ve linked similar seersucker dresses that I love below.

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