October 17, 2018

Are we having a baby BOY or a baby GIRL!? Keep scrolling to find out!!!
Here’s our cake from Bobette & Belle…are you excited yet….you’ll soon find out!!….
Okay ONE more photo before you know…This is the the moment we found out after cutting down the cake and I saw the coloured frosting…..WHAT COULD THEY BE!?
OKAY enough teasing you…it’s a BOY!


This was such a crazy fun experience… I’m so glad we did it this way and have these photos to cherish forever.  We knew since finding out that we were pregnant that we wanted to find out what we were having…However, as I mentioned in my first trimester recap, we both acknowledge that gender and sex and two very different things and if it so happens that our child feels differently about their gender, we will support them and love them no matter what. All we want is a healthy little baby. 

Now onto the fun stuff!! We actually found out that we were having a little boy at week 19. This was simply because we were headed on our honeymoon during week 20 and neither of us were patient enough to wait until we were back to find out. Plus, this week is absolutely crazy for us with work, packing and just finalizing things in Toronto before officially moving to Halifax next week.

When we went to get our requisition for our Ultrasound, my doctor made it clear that the ultrasound technician wouldn’t be able to tell us the sex of the baby and that it would be sent to her. We were so disappointed by this because that meant we actually wouldn’t be able to find out the sex until we got back from Vermont after-all. However, once we got to the ultrasound (the Friday of Thanksgiving weekend) the technician said she didn’t have a problem writing down the sex on a piece of paper and giving it to us that day. Needless to say, we were THRILLED. 

My 20-week (for me 19-week) ultrasound was so much longer than I had expected and Jamie wasn’t allowed in the room for about 35 minutes of it. I was so uncomfortable at one point of my ultrasound and my back got so locked up the technician literally had to grab me by my arms and pull me up…so embarrassing, hahah! Anyway, after the tech did all of her measurements and checked every little nook and cranny to make sure baby was all good, she called in Jamie in to show us both all of his little parts (aside from his penis…because that was a surprise, haha!). During my time with the technician, she kept saying “baby” but when Jamie came in and she was showing us his face and FEET (!!!) she started saying “his” and that was my first inclination that we were having a boy. I wasn’t 100% sure though because I know a lot of people just say “his” when making references.

Anyway, after the looong appointment, Jamie and I immediately drove down to Bobbette & Belle which is in our neighbourhood. Like I mentioned, it was Thanksgiving weekend so I was pretty sure that the chances of us getting a cake made for Sunday were going to be slim to none BUT the girl was so amazing and sweet and she made it happen. I think Jamie was more excited than I was about this because when it comes to surprises he ALWAYS want to know or tell them. He’s like a kid that way and I find it so adorable.

So, we placed our order for Sunday morning, gave the girl our piece of paper with his sex on it (she felt very honoured to know, haha!) and picked up a flourless chocolate cake for the weekend because Bobbette & Belle flourless chocolate cakes are amazing and how could I not? We drove home with so much excitement and not just about the flourless chocolate cake…
Was I surprised when we found out it was a boy!? The answer is both a yes and no. Yes because a lot of my pregnancy symptoms were pointing to girl and I had this overwhelming feeling that I was having a girl. My mom also convinced me it was a girl and I always believe everything she says to me.

The reason I wasn’t surprised was because Jamie’s entire family is basically boys. He has 2 brothers and his cousins on his mom’s side who have children, all have boys, except for 1 girl. Jamie was also pretty sure we were having a boy but I think I convinced him we were having a girl juuust for a second there. 

The day we found out the sex, my sister, Lorie and my mom both told me they have very distinct boy dreams. My sister, Rae, also had a dream the night of my wedding that there was a little boy she’d never seen before running around at our wedding and she was convinced it was our son. Jamie was also told years ago that he’d have 2 boys and so with all of that information, I started thinking YUP, there is definitely a boy in this belly!
{Pure excitement after finding out!!}

Again, this was such an amazing experience that I’m so glad we did. Both of my sisters were there for the reveal and we set up a Facebook live for some of our immediate family. We’re so excited to have a little boy and while I definitely think I’d feel more prepared to have a girl, I am so excited about learning and growing with this little guy…ah, it makes me tear up just thinking about him…

As for a name…we DO have a name. We’ve actually had this name since high school…before we ever even knew that we’d be getting married or having a baby…how crazy is that!? We’re not going to share the name until he’s born but we are very very happy with it!

Here’s our video reveal. I was soooo sick you guys, so please excuse my cough!

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