Seven Wonders

October 18, 2018

Jamie and I shot these photos with just seconds left of sunlight and while late for a dinner reservation and you know what? They just so happen to be some of my favourite photos from our trip. I guess we work well under pressure!? Anyway, this is another flowy maxi dress I picked up from H&M before our trip. I do want to start wearing more form-fitting pieces to show off my bump better, but for the purpose of Vermont I was going for a more comfortable boho vibe and this dress was definitely speaking to me. I actually fist saw it on my girlfriend, Jacquelyn’s Instagram feed, where she was promoting this collection…blogger advertising does work, my friends! I fell completely in love with it and went to H&M to see if I could find it and luckily it was there! I just love the wall paper print and the gorgeous fall colours. I accentuated what waist I have left with a skinny belt and paired this dress with some boots and as my sister said, I was really giving off the Stevie Nicks vibes which I am A-Ok with!

What I’m Wearing:

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