Highs And Lows

July 8, 2016

{Floral crowns for the ceiling in the Rethink the Races tent at the Queen’s Plate.}

Yesterday was Jamie’s 25th birthday, so naturally we celebrated by popping a bottle of champagne and then headed out to a late dinner at Lee.  Jamie and I have been together forever but it doesn’t feel that way for us. Getting dressed up and heading out on a date is still as exciting as it was 9 years ago when we met. I can’t believe how quickly time flies but I honestly thank my lucky stars every day that I found someone who loves me so much and wants nothing but to share his life and grow with me. I’m getting sentimental here so I’ll cut this little love note short. I hope you all have an amazing weekend, we’re hoping the weather holds up so we can head out on a little day trip with Milo on Sunday. See you Monday! 
{A stunning tray of freshly shucked oysters and clams.}
{Milo peeking his head through the curtains.}
{There’s a new bakery in town and not only is it beautiful and delicious but it’s also vegan.}
{Tried my hand at a making a white floral bouquet and loved the results.}

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