Highs And Lows

January 26, 2018

{Maman coffee cups begging to be photographed.}

My sister and I started working out last week in an attempt to get toned for my wedding this September. Besides the aforementioned reason as to why I’m working out, I have been feeling extra sluggish and sore these last 6 months and I’m chalking a lot of that up to little to no exercise. As soon as we started doing at home workouts (we’re using these videos) I noticed a huge difference in how my body felt, and my mood has been consistently better over the last 10 days. I know I’m nowhere near where I want to be physically (I want to be toned, but also feel healthy) but it feels SO good to get back to moving my body again. Yesterday on our workout “rest day” I was treated to an appointment at Nordstrom with Charlotte Tilbury. I kid you not it was the BEST facial ever. I felt so blissed out afterward and it set such an amazing intention for the weekend ahead. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, I’ll see you Monday!{A sweet little thank you card that feels very “me”.}
{Found this adorable snap of Milo on my memory card, I think Jamie had a photoshoot with Milo this week.}
{I picked up this “love lives here” flag at Michaels for Valentine’s Day and love how it looks on our mirror.}
{Quick stop at Laudree for some goodies, I can’t wait to get back here to take some more photos.}

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