Highs And Lows

March 16, 2018

{A sunny Sunday walk and coffee date with my favourite person.}

Happy Friday, friends! How was everyone’s week? I’ve spent the better part of mine getting used to the time change, but today was the first day I woke up at 7:30 without an alarm so that’s progress. We’ve also had a few little wedding details come in this week including my wedding perfume, our vow books and name cards for our seating chart so things are getting real around here and I’m getting so excited! I’m going to be sharing a comprehensive post on some of our wedding details in the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime, I would love your input on something! We’ve recently picked up our plates for the head table and while I love them, I’m not sure about the colour of the table runners. I’ve linked a photo of what they look like together here, and would love to know if you think we should go a bit lighter or stick with what we have? Thanks so much you guys, and have a wonderful weekend! xx
{Pandora sure knows how to throw a beautiful dinner.}
{Making St. Patrick’s Day feel a little more stylish this year thanks to this t-shirt.}
{Looking forward to wearing this gorgeous perfume on our wedding day. Ps: Use code ‘blondielocks’ to get a special gift with purhase,}
{Fresh blooms in the prettiest pastel shades.}

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