Highs And Lows

April 10, 2015

1{The prettiest Rifle Paper Co. I Phone case from Blossom Lounge}

Last night Jamie and I headed to an event hosted by Innis & Gunn Canada in which we learned how to cook Haggis and how to properly drink beer. I was always pretty skeptical about what Haggis actually is, and although it isn’t the prettiest of dishes to make, the end result was actually quite good. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera along but I snapped a couple of pictures on my phone and tweeted them here. Jamie is getting seriously involved in the beer industry (more on that another time) so I loved going to this event with him and actually meeting and having a meaningful conversation with the founder of Innis & Gunn, Dougal Sharp. Because this week was pretty eventful between work, the aforementioned Haggis cooking, axe throwing AND and an Alt J concert for the new Samsung Galaxy 6 release, I am pretty worn out (in the best possible way). Needless to say I am looking forward to some down time this weekend, shopping with my sister and squeezing in some baking. I hope you all have a great weekend, see you Monday!

2{Just being an iron lady and throwing axes c/o Bench Canada for #mybenchadventure.}

3{Milo is ready for summer with his new pineapple toy from Bark Box}

4{If I can’t actually have breakfast in bed then this grapefruit and gardenia Campy Candle will do.}

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