Highs And Lows

February 16, 2018

{Casually celebrating Milo’s 4th birthday with a homemade carrot/peanut butter/yogurt cake.}

It’s funny, some weeks I find myself struggling to come up with 5 “blog worthy” moments to share for my Highs and Lows and then there are the weeks where I want to photograph every.little.moment because each just feels better than the next. That was absolutely the case with this week. From a meeting with my new manager (eek!) that has me so excited about the future, the most magical of Valentine’s Day’s (all thanks to my future husband) and of course, baking a cake for Milo’s first birthday (and proceeding to watch him eat it), this week has been truly wonderful all around. I’m very much hoping to bring this amazing week straight into the weekend with a friend’s birthday celebration tonight and then some major work crack-down as I’ve been feeling a little slack on the blog production side. I hope you all have an amazing weekend, I’ll see you all Tuesday since we’re taking Monday off to celebrate Family Day. xx
{Tea never looked so pretty than when served in this vintage tea cup.}
{Previewing West Elm’s new, second Toronto location and my oh my is it ever beautiful!}
{A cheeky “flower head” photo with the most incredible flowers from my Valentine.}
{Milo acting almost as interested as I am in my new Vancouver Candle Co. wick trimmer. PS: I’m giving 2 of these guys away on my Instagram, so be sure to head on over there to enter!}.

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