Highs and Lows

October 4, 2013

{Taking goodbye pictures after breakfast with my girlfriends.}

For some reason this week has been a crazy whirlwind (in a good way). It started with my best girlfriends coming to visit for the weekend and ended with meeting Sam Edelman at the Bay. In between these days there was that time I spent 3 hours in Rogers with my boyfriend to set up a phone phone contract, stumbling across the Sidewalk Crusaders on Yonge Street, meeting Jeanne Beker and Christopher Raeburn, talking to my mom on Skype for the first time since we have been back in Toronto, and of course school and school work. The week was completely unplanned (well sort of) but it turned out to be so amazing, I still feel like I’m on a high from all of the excitement!
Ps; I will post all about the Sam Edelman event later this afternoon!

{The Sidewalk Crusaders who performed Call me Maybe and Thrift Shop better than the actual artists.}

{With Christopher Raeburn and Jeanne Beker at Ryerson.}

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