Highs And Lows

January 13, 2017

{A quick coffee date with Jamie + my sisters.}

This week I have received SO many e-mails that began with the words “congratulations on your engagement”,the sweetest card and flowers from a work friend AND candy from the lovely ladies at Mendocino…I should really get engaged more often! Haha no, but seriously it has been so darn heart warming to see all the love flood into our lives in the almost month that we’ve been engaged and we are just so grateful for it. This week I’m dragging Jamie (willingly) to the Wedluxe show which is either going to be super inspiring or probably in my case, overwhelming. I am excited to see all the beautiful vendors, especially with Jamie who literally has no clue about all of this wedding business. We are going to a local brew pub before hand, so I guess that kind of balances out the wedding show? Have a great weekend everyone, see you Monday!

{An adorable congratulatory card from a sweet friend (I just realized the second ring in this photo looks like a wedding band–no we did not get married yet!)}

{Dinner + cocktails with a girlfriend at the newly opened Oretta.}

{When coasters make you feel good about yourself, thanks Benefit!}

{Milo is either very in love or very confused by his new Furbo, I’m going with the former.}

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