Highs And Lows

April 21, 2017

{An impressive stack of blueberry pancakes at School.}
Jamie’s parents left this morning after staying with us in Toronto for the week, and while I am happy to get back to a regular at home working schedule, it’s always hard to say goodbye to family.I’ve always considered Jamie’s parents a part of my family as I’ve known them since I was 17 and they have always treated me like their own. Since getting engaged, I’ve found myself feeling even closer to them which I think has something to do with the fact that I know without a doubt that they will soon be my in-laws. Tonight, I’m going to be participating in my second speaking engagement, this time for Written Girl, who you might remember I did an interview with back in January. I haven’t had much time to think about the event this week which has been helpful as by now I’d usually be a bundle of nerves. As for our weekend? I have a whole bunch of work to catch up on so no big plans over here folks! Have a great weekend, see you Monday

{Obligatory first Jay’s game of the season couple selfie.}

{Nothing but sunny days ahead thanks to this mug.}

{The prettiest wallpaper + denim trying with Fidelity Jeans.}

{Milo and our new monkey friend from his grand-paw-rents.}

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