Highs and Lows

July 11, 2014


{Loved spending time by the pool with my family last weekend.}

This week I somehow managed to have a few more days off than expected, so I made sure to take full advantage off it. This past weekend we spent the afternoon in Burlington with extended family and enjoyed a BBQ and lots of fun in their pool. Jamie and I also managed to do his birthday dinner and Milo’s puppy orientation in the same night which was great because he will now be finished classes before we head home to Halifax. I also managed to start a new DIY project that is coming soon, go on lots of walks and get the house (relatively) clean. It has been such an awesome week, I almost don’t want it to end! Have a great weekend everyone, see you Monday!


{The prettiest leaves for soon to be Canna Lilies}3

{Jamie’s birthday present and the most delicious cookies from Desmond & Beatrice.}


{Loved the pickled green tomatoes in a jar at Electric Mud}

5{I love these bobbers at Canoe Park, such a reminder of home. You can see more of them in yesterdays outfit post.}

6{Milo’s First night at Puppy class was a huge success! He was most definitely the teacher’s pet (literally). }

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