Highs And Lows

June 17, 2016

{A summer afternoon cool down: Station Cold Brew Coffee.}

Being in the business of blogging isn’t as easy at what it may look like from the outside. There is so much work that goes into developing a brand and keeping that vision growing…all while making it look as seamless as possible for you lovely readers. I am so happy to have a place where you can come and be inspired and not have to worry about what goes on behind the scenes, but for me, it consumes my brain in a sometimes stressful and unhealthy way. Luckily,  this week I was invited to attend 2 informative sessions hosted by 2 different brands, that were both aimed at building your business as a blogger or solopreneur. Though I did feel like I’d already picked up a lot of the information in the past 3 years, it felt so good to be listened to, and to have a room full of women who are all on the same page in wanting to create something meaningful. I hope you all have a lovely weekend, I’ll see you Monday!
{Ombré roses and Queen Anne’s Lace make for a one pretty pairing.}
{Trying on outfit options at Wilfred for a fun upcoming project.}
{Old Navy x Zoya nail polish launch at Her Majesty’s Pleasure.}
{The world’s largest disco ball at the Luminato festival.}

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