Highs And Lows

July 24, 2015

{Milo and his new friend Popsicle from Save Our Scruff.}

We have been searching for a new place for a couple of months now and have been holding out hope that a town home in our current area might become available as we have all become so attached and accustom to living where we currently do. Jamie and I moved A LOT during our first 4 years in Toronto so it has been a treat to not have to pack up and reroute for the last two years. We found out this week that we have a great chance at moving to a different townhome but same area we are currently in. My fingers are crossed that we will only have to pack up and move across the lot! Have a great weekend everyone, see you Monday!
{Watermelon + wine on the hottest day of the summer so far.}
{The Toronto skyline sunset during a Mariposa Cruise.}
{These matte lipstick colours from the Estee Lauder fall preview are calling my name.}
{Playing a game of mini put on top of the Google rooftop patio.}

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