Highs and Lows

January 17, 2014

{First time playing Cards Against Humanity and it definitely will not be the last!}

I have been back in Toronto for exactly a week now and it feels like things are finally getting back to normal, besides the fact that I am no longer in school. So naturally, this week has consisted of researching potential job opportunities, and figuring out my life (joy). But the plus side about this new chapter is that I have a brand new office to work in. I was so excited about the new office that I immediately grabbed odds and ends from around the house and decorated the desk. There are a few pictures below but I will be sure to do a complete office post once we have decided how we want to decorate! Have a great weekend everyone!

{The most adorable Clementines with the stems still attached.}

{Obsessed with my new lucite office chair.}

{A few desk details until the office is fully done (I will do a blog post).}

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