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December 1, 2015

Since starting my blog a couple of years ago, capturing practically every moment of my life has become the norm, and I have become so accustomed to taking my camera with me every where I go. One thing that I realized however is that although I may take A LOT of photos for my blog and social media accounts, I never actually get around to printing out any of my memories. Last Christmas, when I was home in Halifax, there were SO many beautiful moments caught on camera. Whether it was with my mom and my sisters on Christmas morning or a snowy walk in the woods with Jamie and Milo, all of these special moments were stored away on my laptop begging to be printed. When PhotoBox, a print company whose mission is to turn your favourite photos into beautiful creations, reached out to me to see if I was interested in having some photos printed I figured that it would be the perfect opportunity to finally have some holiday memories with me in real life.
My new favourite hot chocolate + marshmallow mug.
Milo getting in on all of the wrapping action.
I knew that I wanted to print some extra special pictures in an extra special way so I chose to make a canvas print of the aforementioned snowy walk that Jamie, Milo and I took last year to put above my end table as part of our bedroom Christmas decorating.

I also love the style of Retro Prints and PhotoBox made creating them simple with their interactive system. It allowed me to place my photos into a Retro Print mock-up and type out words directly onto the pictures. I opted for Christmas inspired sayings like “Jack Frost nipping at your nose” and “Let it Snow”. I love the idea of tying a big stack of these Retro Prints up with a cute bow and putting them in Jamie’s stocking for Christmas, or a single photo on top of a present. It’s such a simple idea yet adds such a special and personal touch.
Wrapping up a few Retro Prints.
Lastly, I got a little carried away on the PhotoBox website and decided to make a mug for myself using the New Years eve photos that my sister Raelene took of me last year. I chose 3 photos that I felt would work best on my holiday mug and I love how it turned out…it’s the perfect hot chocolate and marshmallow mug! I really enjoyed how many options I had to choose from on the PhotoBox website and browsing their Christmas Corner for some great inspiration. I am quite sure that no matter who is on your Christmas list this year the perfect gift can be found for them on PhotoBox.


Thank you to PhotoBox for partnering on this post, all opinions are my own.

Photography by Raelene Giffin Photography

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