April 21, 2015

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The other day I went over to Quince Flowers to pick up a couple of ranunculus for our home when I saw all of the adorable succulents that they had to offer. I had been wanting to make a little succulent garden for quite a while but never got around to it, so I figured that since I was there it was the perfect time to grab what I needed and just go for it. I picked up a few types of succulents, a bowl and gold rocks from Quince, but the pink cacti came from eco | stems. The soil and rocks can also be found at the dollar store (major deal).  I just love how my little garden turned out, it was much easier than expected, and the bright new life it brings into our allows for good vibes all around.


{For my garden I used a printed bowl, rocks, soil, a few types of succulents, a pink cactus, mini gold rocks, and a few crystals.}


DIY Succulent Steps

Step 1: Place a few rocks in the bottom of your bowl. Although the succulents don’t need to be watered often, it is important for drainage when you do need to.

Step 2: Add a small layer of soil to overtop of the rocks.


Step 3: Remove your succulents from their pots and loosely soften the roots. Figure out where you want your succulents to be placed and make a small hole in the dirt for them. Add another layer of soil overtop to cover the rest of the roots.


Step 4: Once all of your succulents are in the bowl where you want them and they have been covered with soil and a layer of gold rocks over top.

Step 5: I gave my succulents a bit of water as that is what the floral shop recommended. I also added a few crystals that were lying around the house to my garden for added interest., but you can add whatever you like!6



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