Tarragon-Ginger Lemonade

March 4, 2014

When my friends over at SodaStream asked me if I was interested in reviewing the SodaStream machine on my blog I was more than willing to give it a go. I mean, if it’s good enough for Scar-Jo it is good enough for me! I wanted to do something more than just show you how to make soda with the SodaStream because I already knew it was really REALLY good at doing that. I was sent over a few drink recipes along with the machine and chose to make the Tarragon-Ginger Lemonade as  it combines unique flavours and is perfect for the season. I made a simple chamomile syrup and picked up fresh ginger and tarragon at the market. The drink was super easy to put together, but what made it so much fun was making the soda myself! It was literally as easy as filling up the bottle with water, screwing the cap on and firmly pressing the carbonate button three times!  I also purchased the sample pack of syrups so I could try all of the different flavours but since this drink only calls for the lemon-lime syrup that’s all I have tried so far. I was completely impressed with how much it tasted like 7-UP, and when mixed with the rest of the drink ingredients it turned my SodaStream into another level of awesome!



Tarragon-Ginger Lemonade

What you will need:
– 1 oz chamomile syrup (recipe here)
– 1 oz vodka
– 1 bar spoon ginger (tip: freeze ginger before grating, it makes it so simple to grate and add to the shaker)
-6-10 sprigs of tarragon

To made Ginger-Tarragon Lemonade:
-Add ice, chamomile syrup, vodka, ginger and tarragon to a shaker
-Strain into a glass of your choice
-Top with lemon-lime flavoured soda
-Garnish with tarragon and a lemon wedge

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