A Year Full of Highs and Lows

May 16, 2014

1{Graduating from college, and the graduation party my family held for my sisters and I who also graduated from high school.}

As a child I was involved in A LOT of sports and teams. Whether it was ballet, gymnastics, soccer, cadets or swimming, one thing that was common between all of them was that I quit within the first couple of classes or months. I would always come up with some sort of excuse for quitting, either that I didn’t like it, or it was too difficult for me to continue with. My mom would always encourage me to continue, but in the end I would win the battle and not return for the next season. Thinking back to this time in my life makes me realize that I probably missed out on learning a lot of valuable skills, but none more than learning to persevere when things get difficult (I probably could have been an Olympian by now). With The Blondielocks I can now safely say that it has been a year and I  am showing no signs of wanting to quit. I love being able to express myself here and continuously push myself to create great content. I also love that I now have so many pictures of the last year of my life that I won’t forget a single moment. So here we are a year of Highs and Lows. This week I went through 15 of my favourite moments, although there were many more, and have posted them in no specific order. Thanks everyone for celebrating my birthday week with me, have a great weekend!

2{Finally getting around to turning our basement into an office. But it has somehow turned back into a store spot (note to self).}

3{Going to Toronto Fashion Week for the second time, and getting to pick out this beyond beautiful Pandora ring.}

4{Spending an afternoon at Peggy’s Cove and devouring Dee Dee’s gourmet ice cream.}

5{Childhood dream come true- watching the Goonies at the theatre with my sisters.}

6{Bringing home the first tulips of the season.}

7{Attending Toronto’s One of a Kind show and these adorable cookies from the IBakery}

8{Going for a bicycle ride with my boyfriend, and grabbing lattes at a local cafe.}

9{The prettiest Elie Tahari dress that I scored for next to nothing at the outlet store.}

10{Valentines Day breakfast in bed- red velvet pancakes and cream cheese frosting.}

11{Riding the ferris wheel in Niagara for the first time.}

12{Matching Sorels with my boyfriend during the holidays.}

13{My first time on an ATV (that I crashed) with blueberry fields along the way.}

14{Brunch at 2 Doors Down with some amazing friends in Halifax}

15{Having summer bonfires outside my boyfriend’s house and making s’mores. }

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