Take Note: Links and Reads

September 16, 2019

Switching things up with a looong over due #TakeNote post on a Monday and very one late at that! I meant to get this up earlier but life got in the way as per usual. Anyway, I still thought it would be nice to start the week off with some links I’ve been loving as of late. Enjoy! Read more…


What’s Actually In My Shopping Cart This Fall

September 13, 2019

Every season like clockwork, I pack away all of my clothing from seasons past and unpack everything for the upcoming one. It feels therapeutic and like a true fresh start. Now that fall is (almost) here, it’s time for me to pack away my summer dresses and sandals and pull out my cozy knits, boots and hats (yay!). Read more…

September Sunshine

September 11, 2019

Can you guy’s believe we’re already in September!? I know I sure cant…the summer FLEW by but I’m assuming that’s because life with a baby seems to go in the blink of an eye. I still can’t believe my little Edwin Fox is just over 6 months old. Like, where did the time and my newborn go!? I do miss Edwin being to teeny tiny but I have to say the last couple of months with him have been my absolute favourite so far! Read more…

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