Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Her

February 2, 2016


I’ve always been of the mindset that gestures of love, whether in the form of a sweet note, heartfelt compliment or home cooked meal should be given all throughout the year. Both Jamie and I try our hardest to make it a point to make small gestures each day (he makes me tea each morning, I put toothpaste on his toothbrush each night) which are to us the most important. Of course there are those times when picking out a special something that speaks to the person you love is welcome. Whether an adorable box of chocolates for the lady who can’t get enough sweets, a piece of jewelry that completely encapsulates your loved one, or a scent that reminds him of the day he met you…these are the Valentine’s Day gifts for her that will forever be remembered and cherished….just like that cup of tea each morning.

1. S’well Heart Print Water Bottle
2. Chloé Love Story Eau du Toilette
3. Heart Shapped Crossbody Bag
4. Diptyque Rosaviola Valentine 2016 Candle
5. Keeper Sleeping Mask
6. Heart Ear Climbers
7. Pastel Pink Watch
8. Mrs. Ring Dish (also customizable)
9. Hot Stuff Mug
10. You Have My Heart Chocolates
11. Melvik Lace Bra + Lace Panties
12. Herbivore Rose Facial Mist
13. Love Matches
14. Soulmate Throw Pillow
15. Gold Bangle
16. Happy Valentine’s Day Card
17. “Quite The Pair” Toothbrush Set
18. Confetti Print Clutch
19. LOVE ring
20. Mini Heart Cookies
21. Kiss Kiss Earrings

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