Highs and Lows

November 7, 2014

IMG_9109{Although I prefer my local coffee shop, I can’t help but get in the spirit with Starbucks Christmas cups and a ginger bread latte.}

I was recently asked to collaborate on a really fun upcoming holiday project. I can’t say much about now, but am so excited share it with you in a few weeks! All of the photos are due on Monday, so I spent this week with Jamie and my sister, planning and shooting at 4 (very Christmas inspired) locations around Toronto. By the end of the day I was frozen solid, but so happy with how everything turned out! Although it has been a crazy week, I did have a few hours to relax in between, and now am looking forward to working the rest of the weekend. Have a great weekend everyone, see you Monday!

_MG_9112{Had the best time this week at the Air Canada En Route Film Festival. So many talented Canadian film makers!}

_MG_9116 {You wouldn’t believe how happy I was when I discovered macaroons from Nadège in my EFF take away.}

_MG_9122 {Being silly with my bestie at the Guess/Marciano opening}

_MG_9119 {I don’t think I will ever tire of a candy bar.}

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