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August 12, 2016


1. DIY Rustic Inspired Dreamcatcher (Making it in the Mountains)
2. 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before your Engagement Photos (The Everygirl)
3. Outdoor Cinemas Around the World to Visit This Year (The Venue Report)
4. 13 Spices and Seasonings you Should Always Have in Your Pantry (Waiting on Martha)
5. Canadian Snack Foods Americans are Missing from their Lives (Style Caster)
6. 4 Reasons to Pick up Fresh Flowers this Week (Darling)
7. Homemade Marshmallows 3 Ways (Lauren Conrad)
8. Loving this lace up denim shirt for fall (Madewell)
9. 57 Celebrities and Their Very First Instagrams (Marie Claire)
10. Environmental Street Artists Depict the Dark Realities We Often Avoid (Huffington Post)
11. How to Grow Fall and Winter Vegetables (Boxwood Avenue)
12. Cartoons that hilariously describe the double standards women face at work (Hello Giggles)

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