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March 25, 2016

1. The cutest easter egg bud vases (Lauren Conrad)
2. One of the prettiest lace-up tops I’ve yet to come across (Are You Am I)
3. I’m a huge fan of the #AerieReal campaign and I’m thrilled that they now include men (Huffington Post)
4. The One of a Kind show is this weekend, make sure to get your tickets! (OOAKS)
5. The Best Games for Couples to Play at Home Together (Apartment Therapy)
6. Here’s what to do when you get stuck (Jenna Kutcher)
7. An interview I did with Artemano about our new living room (Artemano)
8. Blonde Women are Apparently the Smartest Women, According to Science (Style Caster)
9. 6 Easy Steps to Refresh your Home for Spring (Home Polish)
10. 4 Ways to De-Clutter your Mind in 60 Seconds (The Coveteur)
11. 12 of the World’s Strongest Liquors (Food and Wine)
12. Healing Benefits of Honey (Goop)

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