Aerie Launches #AerieMAN As Part Of Body Positivity Campaign

03/24/2016 05:03 EDT | Updated 03/24/2016 09:59 EDT

Aerie wants you to (very intimately) get to know Doug, Matt, Kelvin and Devon, the four hunks part of their new ad campaign.

The ad released on Wednesday (which also stars female Aerie model, Iskra Lawrence), champions the "normal guy" and shows them going about their normal business of taking selfies, doing yoga, playing ping pong and hanging up pictures of themselves on the wall — all while wearing just their underwear.

"I don’t mind that I won’t be retouched. I feel that everyone should be comfortable in their own skin," Matt the model says in the clip.


"Oh yeah, I’ve always liked being in my underwear. It just makes me feel more free. Makes me feel more myself," Doug, played by Brendon Williams, says as he lounges on the couch.

(Williams, who lives in Victoria B.C., went viral in January after he posed for "dudeoir photoshoot" as a gift to his wife.)


"Being an Aerie Man isn’t just about being in your underwear; it about being you," a winking Kelvin says from the bathtub.


"It goes beyond the pattern that’s on the trunks, it’s about how you choose to put that pattern out there," Devon says as he dances around with a bunch of grapes.


#AerieMAN is part of a body positivity campaign launched by the American Eagle loungewear spinoff in 2014 that features regular bodies, un-Photoshopped.

The campaign, which has proven to be profitable for the company, is now extending its reach to include men. Why? To encourage men "to share [themselves]. ALL of [themselves]," Kelvin says as he looks at selfies of his green-underwear-clad behind.

Conversations around body positivity and men have been increasing lately, what with the "Dad Bod" trend last year and IMG Models recently announcing their 'Brawn' men's plus-sized model division.

And while we're not quite sure if #AerieMAN is a legitimate ad or an early April Fool's joke, it still sends a good message either way: that the real you is sexy

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