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May 27, 2016

1. Shared Home Office Ideas (Domino)
2. 4 Tips For Wearing Blush (Rebecca Jacobs)
3. 5 Steps to Discover Your Food Photography Style (Two Loves Studio)
4. 51 Beauty Products That Instantly Give You Results (Refinery 29)
5. The Safe Guide to Buying and Using Sunscreen (The Telegraph)
6. Completely swooning over this baby shower (SMP Living)
7. What China’s Move to Cut Meat Could Mean For Our Planet’s Future (One Green Planet)
8. 11 Inspiring Ted Talks That Will Change The Way You Think (Camille Styles)
9. Is Lauren Conrad Coming Back to MTV!? (Elle)
10. DIY Room Sprays With Printable Labels (Homey Oh My!)
11. Cupcakes and Cashmere Home launched this week and I’m loving the throw pillows! (Nordstrom)
12. Pencil Shaving Flowers (Poppy Talk)

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