How to wear blush and other nude neutrals


I’ve been on a mission to add colour and pattern back into was was my mostly-neutral wardrobe.

But there’s just something about blush.

These soft pink-undertone shades are soft, delicate, romantic, and feminine. But they are not the pastel and baby pinks that mean “this baby is a girl”. They are sophisticated. They are adaptable and versatile—so versatile.  {Think of blush like a neutral.}

With this very blush look I have for you today, it seemed only fitting to share a few tips on how to start wearing this favourite colour of mine.

And yes, you can rock it—no matter what your skin tone is.

4 Tips for wearing blush, & other nude neutrals

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Tip #1

Do the mirror test

Look for shades that are lighter, darker, or different hued than your skin tone. If your skin tone, like mine, falls in the same spectrum as blush hues do this test to make sure you won’t look at-a-glance naked.

Stand a few feet back from the mirror and squint your eyes at your reflection. Is it obvious where skin ends and clothes start? Or do you need to go a little lighter/darker so people won’t be doing a double take—at least not for the wrong reasons {wink}.

I opted to go lighter in the above outfit, but I also have some blush-mauvy shades that are darker than my skin.

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how to wear blush and nude - personal style tips-1-4.jpg

Tip #2

Play with shape and texture

When you don’t have a lot of contrast with the colour, add excitement with the shape and textures instead.

I’m wearing a boxy style dress (a little Scandinavian-inspired silhouette) that can contrast with the skinny leg (although I did roll my trousers to add a bit of play.) The trousers also have a crepe texture to them, with contrasts with the smoothness of the dress.

Some blush pieces that play with shape + texture: A swing dress or tunic, a structured motorcycle-style jacket, or blouses, skirts, and dresses with romantic pleating and detailing.

how to wear blush and nude - personal style tips-10.jpg

Tip #3

Get creative–blush plays nice with all colours

Remember when I said think of it as a neutral? Well that’s because it elegantly pairs with all colours (yup, all!)

Blush hues will take on different personalities and feelings depending on what they are paired with. A blush and white might feel more sweet and summery, whereas a blush and cool grey can feel more sophisticated, and a blush with rich camel-coloured suede can feel rustic.

Add drama by pairing it with deep emeralds or maroons. Or pair it with bright blue denim for a laid back cool vibe. It really is versatile!

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Tip #4

And if you still don't believe you + your skin tone can wear blush...

You can!

But here's one last little trick for if you still don't believe me:

Add a piece near your face that brightens up your complexion. Whether this is a shimmery necklace that reflects light around your face, or a scarf, jacket, or cardigan in a rich shade (like my brown jacket I’ve paired here) use it to add a little extra colour back into your cheeks.

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So tell me, what colour are you crushing on this spring?


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