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October 8, 2019

Happy Tuesday Friends! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Oh course, this post was meant to go up yesterday, but my mom ended up coming over for the day and we took Edwin for a walk and then to the playground. I’ve decided to try to stop putting so much pressure on myself when it comes to my blog/social media because it seems as though nothing goes as planned since having a baby. While he is 7 months old, I am still learning to find this whole work/life balance. We don’t have extra help with taking care of Edwin nor help around the house and so finding time in between taking care of a baby, house responsibilities and just wanting to relax and not work is few and far between. I still have so many ideas for blog posts and content that I want to share but it had definitely slowed down when it comes to bringing my ideas to fruition. Anyway! We were in Toronto last week and it was the most wonderful few days. Edwin was in the best of spirits and was able to meet a few of my girlfriends along with their new babies. It was the most amazing experience and my heart was exploding with happiness. I was able to take Edwin for a walk around our old neighbourhood and show him all of the cool places (he had no clue but was screaming and laughing at every person he saw and it was incredible.) I REALLY hope to get back to Toronto in November or December because I would love to take Edwin to the Christmas Market in the Distillery District. 

Here are a few links and reads I am loving as of late. If you’re a reader of this series, you’ll notice I’ve changed up the look a little. I’ve decided to share a single photo that I shot followed by a little life update, the articles I’m loving linked and then below you will see a carousal of a few items I’m loving lately that you can click to shop directly. I hope you like!

– A simple trick for making decisions.

– Thanksgiving weekend was made for these cinnamon french toast sticks.

– Love these ideas for how to compliment someone without mentioning their looks.

-This fall checklist is so cute and actually easily accomplished.

– My friends Jillian and Tori’s new cookbook just launched and it is beautiful!

-Speaking of books, my friends at Dillons Distillery also just launched their craft cocktail book and I can’t wait to share one on the blog soon!

– A fascinating video about why this wicker chair is on so many album covers

-The funniest ode to the end of nursing inspired by the book “Goodnight Moon.”

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