Take Note: Links & Reads + 5 Positive Inititives

April 3, 2020

Happy Friday, friends! I have been meaning to share a new #TakeNote post for months but life just seemed to get the best of me. Now that I have so much time at home I am finding it much easier to focus on my blog which is a positive. I’ve been trying so hard to keep an upbeat mindset through all of this but admittedly, this week I’ve been missing my family A LOT. I FaceTime my mom almost every day but it definitely isn’t the same as seeing her in person. I’m also missing my grandma very much and am counting down the days until I can see her again. Anyone else out there struggling with not being able to see their families? Ugh..I am still so thankful I have Jamie and Edwin here though. Edwin keeps me so busy during the day and it is blessing that I don’t have time to think much about everything else going on in this world. ANYWAY! Here are a few links that I have loved reading and watching as of late. I’m also sharing 5 initiatives below that made my heart so happy.


  1. I’ve gone back to look at my friend Jacquelyn’s mom’s kitchen reveal multiple times, it is just SO good. (Lark & Linen)
  2. How cute are these DIY wooden fruit staking toys? I’m not sure I could make them myself, but if they were for sale, i’d totally be on board! (The Proper Blog)
  3. Joanna Gaines has come up with a lighthearted quarantine cooking YouTube series and I’m loving it! (Magnolia)
  4. What if we all looked at the climate crisis like we have COVID-19? (Margo & Me)
  5. This kids playroom has given me so much inspiration for an unused rec room we have upstairs…that rocking climbing wall! (Emily Henderson)
  6. How to make buttermilk at home…this was fascinating to me. (Broma Bakery)
  7. Another YouTube series I have been obsessed with as of late: The Mcgee Home Tour series. (Studio Mcgee)
  8. 5 relationship survival strategies during isolation (Jillian Harris)
  9. How to stay positive when things go wrong (Rhyme & Reason)
  10. I can’t get over how Autumn and Tiffany transformed this basic house into the most incredible summerhouse AirBnb 


  1. Fragola has donated an incredible amount of baby food to mothers in need. They have also set up a gift card option on their website to purchase a gift card so you can send a family in need baby food.
  2. Lo & Sons are donating their Catalina & Hanover bags to medical workers on the front line for them to store their PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), spare clothing, and scrubs.
  3. Endy donated St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver enough beds, sheets and pillow for all of the front line workers to get a good sleep when they’re off shift.
  4. Dillons Distills has been able to distill, bottle and distribute 25,000+ 750mL bottles of sanitizer to first responders all across Ontario
  5. Oneberrie is making washable masks for those in need

Above photo via Lark & Linen

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