Sweat It Out In Style

March 6, 2018

It’s been about 2 months now since I’ve started working out and I FINALLY feel like being active has become part of my routine. When I first started working out, I decided not to invest in any new clothing or equipment because if I decided to stop, what would have been the point? I’ve been utilizing the same sports-bras (some that I’ve had for 7+ years) leggings and workout gear for the last 2 months and to be perfectly honest, I’m feeling kind of bored and uninspired by it. Now that I’m finally feeling like I want to work out, I thought that this would be the perfect time to round-up some of my favourite workout clothing and equipment from around the web. There’s obviously a very pink and pastel theme going on here but who wouldn’t feel good using and wearing this activewear!? 

1. Pastel blue leggings with cool mesh cutouts (ALO)
2. A stylish duffle bag to take you to and from your workout classes (Ban.Do)
3. Teal Kettlebells that you won’t mind leaving lying around (Tone it Up)
4. White and gold Bluetooth headphones (I.am)
5. Booty bands that will tone you up in no time (Tone it Up)
6. Have you ever heard of showerless cleansing mist? A must-have product for a quick refresh after the gym (Love Beauty & Planet)
7. Vanilla plant-based protein powder for your post-workout smoothies (Tone it up)
8.  Sneakers stylish enough to wear outside of your workouts (Nike)
9. All of the yes to pretty pink kicks (Reebok)
10. Pink tie-dye inspired sports bra (Aerie)
11. Pink tie-dye leggings to match (Aerie)
12. “I did my best” yoga mat (Ban.Do)
13. My BKR bottle keeps me on track with drinking water throughout the day, plus they’re so cute! (BKR)
14. Track your fitness goals with this sleek mauve Fitbit (Fitbit)
15. Who knew dumbbells could be so cute!? (Tone It Up)

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