The Most Stylish Dog Products…Ever!

March 21, 2017

Before adopting Milo, I never considered myself much of a dog person. We had a cat growing up who was the greatest so I always assumed that I didn’t really like dogs all that much. When I started dating Jamie, the one thing he would always say/insist on was that we were getting a dog one day. I always brushed him off but of course 3 years ago we adopted the most special part of our lives and it has changed me in ways I could have never imagined. I think of  Milo as my child (he sure does act like it) and both Jamie and I want to do everything to make sure that he is a happy, healthy pup (well dog, now that he is 3!). I’ve never been one to mind dog toys all over our house as I know how much joy it brings Milo to have his toys close to him at all times (especially his piggy pictured above that he brings to bed with him every night) but I do like those toys and accessories to be stylish and practical. Milo gets a BarkBox every month which we have found to be THE BEST investment ever but I still thought it would be fun to scour the internet for some of what I think are the cutest doggie products around. Below are 25 dog and human friendly products that everyone needs at least one of in their house. 
1. Treat Jar: Wayfair | 2. Sprinkle Bow Tie: Danes & Davis | 3. Mint Gingham Bow Tie: Danes & Davis |4. Colorful Dog Bed: Waggo |5. Reflective Flower for Collar: Hiro + Wolf |6. Teal Obré Dog Leash: Found My Animal |7. Animal Wash: AESOP |8. Jute Toy Bin: Shop Waiting On Martha |9. Sleek Dog Camera: Furbo |10. Gold & Turquoise Pet Bowls and Holder: Oh Joy! For Target |11. Rope Alligator Toy: Harry Barker |12. Statue Of Liberty Toy: Harry Barker |13. Gingham Dog Collar: Mungo & Maud | 14. Truffle Mac & Cheese Treats: Bark Box | 15. Heart Shaped Pet Bed: Oh Joy! For Target | 16. Pink Knot Rope: Mungo & Maud | 17. Tan Leather Dog Harness: Hound Collection | 18. Floral Print Bandana: Billy Wolf | 19. Grid Print Dog Chair: Yark | 20. Cake Dog Toy: Oh Joy! For Target | 21. Mint Dog Bowl: Waggo | 22. Dog Brush: Mungo & Maud | 23. Striped Satin Scarf: Hound Collection | 24. White and Tan Dog Collar: Foud My Animal | 25. Corn Plush Dog Toy: Bark Box

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