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December 17, 2019

Since becoming a mama, spending time on fashion and shopping for outfits has become somewhat of a luxury. Before baby, I spent a huge portion of my time sourcing looks for the blog and I took it very seriously. After baby, the time that I have to do such things is limited which is why there are less outfit posts here on the blog. However, getting back to posting inspiring looks as been something I’ve been trying so hard to do because it is something that makes me feel like ME, which I think is very importantEspecially around the holidays and on New Years Eve, I like to make a big impact with my outfits and go all out with the glamour. Recently, I found myself with some extra time to browse online for holiday outfits which is when I took a deep dive on the BHLDN website.

You guys, when I say that my jaw dropped to the floor when I saw the stunning dresses and accessories they have available right now for the holidays, NYE and of course weddings, I am not exaggerating. It takes a lot for my heart to palpitate over clothes these days, and oh my goodness my heart was racing scrolling through BHLDN.

The dress I’m wearing here is legitimately a girly girls dream! The glittering stars and layers of light tulle are everything. This is 100% my new years eve dress…even if we don’t go out, I’m wearing it while dancing around the house in bare feet! The headpiece is by one of my favourite accessory designers, Jennifer Behr and it is a show stopper in and of itself. It’s called the Virgo headpiece which spoke to me since I’m a Virgo. It is made of the most beautiful Swarovski crystals and the stars and moons match perfectly with the dress. Both the dress and headpiece truly dazzle together and make for the perfect NYE look!

BHLDN also has so many other gorgeous dresses, shoes and accessories and I’ve linked my faves in the carousal below. Also, if you happened to be engaged this holiday season (today is actually 4 years to the date that Jamie and I got engaged), there are SO many amazing dresses begging to be looked at for your special time!

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