Cozy Valentine’s

February 11, 2022

Happy Valentine’s Weekend! I don’t know about you, but I for one am tired of wearing leggings day in and day out. I love me some comfortable clothes, but I miss getting dressed up and going out! While I don’t actually have an excuse to go full-on glam at the moment, I did try to find a balance between dressy and casual by mixing the Smash + Tess X Hilary Duff pink tinsel skorty with a cozy cardigan and sneakers. It gave me exactly the pep in my step that I so desperately needed (even if I was getting some confused looks as I wore bare legs in 5-degree weather…but hey who cares!?). The boys and I (and my sis) stopped into Rosseau for coffee and Valentine’s day chocolates and shot a few photos while we were there. They have the most delicious strawberry-filled heart chocolates and lots of beautiful Valentine’s day treats if you’re still looking to pick something up for someone you love! As for me, I’m definitely going to be repeating this outfit on Monday while we hang out at home as a family and make a special Valentine’s Day brunch. Have a love filled weekend everyone!

PS: I was accidentally sent an XS Smash + Tess X Hilary Duff pink tinsel skorty in black so I’m going to be giving it away over on my Instagram! Be sure to look out for that post later tonight! 

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