Spotlight: Coulombe Perfume (The Wedding Perfume)

April 24, 2018

When Savanna, the creator of Coulombe Perfume recently reached out to me offering to send me a bottle of her inaugural fragrance, “The Wedding Perfume” I literally jumped for joy. I had followed along with Coulombe perfume for quite a while and had even entered to win a bottle via my wedding photographer who was giving one away a couple of months ago. I didn’t win the giveaway, but just a few days after entering, an e-mail from Savanna popped into my inbox and I felt a sort of serendipitous feeling if you will. I was already in love with the idea of The Wedding Perfume but after chatting with Savanna, I fell completely in love with her warm nature and passion for what she does and knew that I had to interview her.

I adore the concept of having a special scent that is solely meant to be worn on my wedding day and each anniversary after. Scent is such a personal experience and it ties us to very specific moments in our lives. In fact, just the other day, Jamie mentioned an old perfume I wore in high school from The Body Shop called Neroli Jasmine. He ties that specific perfume to our first couple of years together and I love that when I wear it, it evokes special memories for him. This is why I’m so thrilled to be wearing The Wedding Perfume on our wedding day. It is such a unique, incredible perfume and I know that any time I  wear this elegant, soft floral scent I’ll be transported right back to our wedding day.

Please enjoy reading this interview with Savanna of Coulombe Perfume and if you’re getting married, I’d highly recommend considering The Wedding Perfume.What sparked the idea for The Wedding Perfume?Two friends were getting married the summer of 2016 and I wanted to gift them a perfume to wear that day so that from then on, it would remind them of the memories they created. I didn’t know at the time that there was a real connection between scent and memory in a scientific way but I did know that the scent of blooming lilac always reminds me my childhood summers, playing in the backyard with my younger sister, and so I figured you could do the same with perfume. Their beautiful weddings passed and the idea stuck. 3 words that best describe “The Wedding perfume” are…
Where does the name Coulombe originate from?

Coulombe was my grandmother’s maiden name. I wanted to name the company after her as she was a very warm and loving woman. She passed away when I was quite young but I’ve always felt a connection to her and alongside my mother, I aspire to be like her in many ways. Her legacy lives on in the celebration of a couple’s love and the memories they treasure.

Do you have any wedding traditions that you love? Any you’d stray away from?

A wedding tradition I couldn’t live without is the couple’s first dance. It’s my absolute favourite part of a wedding – seeing what song the couple connects to and feeling their happiness as they sway together surrounded by the ones they love. It’s the most wonderful feeling! Any traditions I would stray away from? None that I can think of! So long as the couple does what they love – it’s the perfect day.What Perfume did you wear on your wedding day?

The honest truth is that I don’t quite remember what perfume I wore on my wedding day! I want to say it was Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess as that perfume always reminds me of my mother and I absolutely adore it. I wish what I’m doing now had been a part of my life when I was getting married but so is life!

Who do you picture as the woman wearing The Wedding Perfume?

I imagine the bride that wears Coulombe’s perfume to be elegant and warm. She is ambitious and has a sense of self that is defined by her and her alone. She’s a beautiful woman in every sense of the word.The packaging of the wedding perfume is just as beautiful as the scent, how did you come up with it?

Thank you! That is so kind of you to say as the packaging was one of the lengthiest and most challenging parts of the journey. I wanted the package to be timeless and elegant – the Italian glass bottle was my favourite among many samples and the box turned out so beautifully. It’s like opening a gift and I hope that makes the bride feel as though she’s getting taken care of during a time when she’s in the midst of taking care of so many details and guests!

Do you plan to expand into any other fragrances or products?

Yes, I absolutely do! I may do a couple iterations of The Wedding Perfume and from there, I hope to create fragrances for the beautiful and momentous times in our lives.Inside the wedding perfume box, there are lyrics to the Van Morrison song, “These are the Days”, why did you place those lyrics there?

Those particular lyrics from that song embody everything Coulombe is meant to be – it’s about fully embracing and enjoying the moment you are in and remembering it for years to come. I grew up listening to Van Morrison too and his music makes me so very happy. Can you please share 3 local brands that you love?

Wonderful question! I have so many wonderful people and brands that I admire.

Dote Magazine – They’re from Calgary and I love both their lifestyle and wedding magazines.

Truvelle & Laudae – Two beautiful lines created by one incredible woman! 

Foe & Dear – A gorgeous jewelry designer from B.C. I absolutely love the elegance of her designs.

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