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June 6, 2018

You know how some girls are bag girls and others, shoe girls? Well, I am most definitely the latter. I LOVE me a good pair of shoes and think that if I had the choice over designer shoes or bags, while not practical, I’d choose the shoes. When we got engaged, I scoured the internet for the perfect pair of designer wedding shoes to wear on our big day. I ultimately landed on a pair of Jimmy Choos that felt perfect in theory and so I ordered them without a second thought. Upon receiving them, I was in love but three thoughts kept popping back into my head. 1. I was going to be uncomfortable about an hour into our wedding 2. I was going to tower over Jamie and 3. I was going to regret these shoes looking down the line. Ultimately, I decided against wearing the Choos on our wedding day but did decide to keep them for special occasions(ahem honeymoon ahem) since, you now…shoes!

Anyway, enough about my Choos. The reason why I’m sharing that story is to tell you how I ended up landing on the perfect-for-me shoes for our wedding day by Bella Belle. Bella Belle is a Boston-based shoe brand that I’d been following and admiring on Instagram for quite sometime. They specialize in bridal shoes but many of their designs can be worn outside of the wedding day. Bella Belle shoes feel delicate and feminine and classic, and offer so many beautiful details like lace, embroidery and stunning embellishments.

For my wedding shoes, I opted for the Amelia Lace Kitten Heels as I absolutely love the way they make my feet look and simply how I feel when I put them on. I decided I wanted a low, barely-there heel. However, for those women who want something a little higher and love this lace style like I do, there’s a 4″ heel style available here. The great thing about these particular shoes are no matter how high the heel, comfort is still the number 1 priority for Bella Belle.

Bella Belle has so many stunning designs so I’d highly urge you to click over to the Bella Belle website to see for yourself, and be sure to keep reading for a little interview I had the opportunity to do with Bella Belle.Tell me a little about Bella Belle, what is your mission?
With Bella Belle our mission is to create fresh and feminine interpretation of occasion shoes for all personalities.  The collection exudes its signature aesthetics — a refined vibe with a play on beadings, embroideries and textures.

How does a bride know when she’s found the perfect wedding shoe?
I always tell our brides to stay true to themselves.  It is important not to be caught up with fleeting trends that might not suit their personalities.  When she feels confident, beautiful, and comfortable in her shoes, then she has found her sole mate (pun intended). Do you have a favourite Bella Belle shoe?
The Belle bootie, designed by Joy Proctor for Bella Belle, is a favorite.  It celebrates the spirit of our designer collaboration and the shoe silhouette is so fashion-forward while still being feminine.  It speaks to our brand DNA.

Where does the name Bella Belle originate from?
Bella and Belle have always been favorite names in my book because they mean beauty in Italian.  The names resonate with the intention of our brand to design beautiful shoes for strong feminine beauties.  The names just rolled off the tongue for us, while having a meaningful objective.What does the shoe designing creative process look like?
We are always designing and thinking about our next collection.  It usually starts as an inspiration sketch, which then leads to material sourcing and prototype development.  It usually takes a lot of revisions of the prototype sample to arrive to the final product.  Comfort is very important to us, so we run our shoes through many fitting sessions to ensure the fit is comfortable.  The process of sampling usually takes 3 to 6 months, depending on the intricacy of the design.  Once the sample is approved, it will then move into production stage. 

What fabrics, colours and designs are inspiring you for the next season?
Our next bridal collection will stay within the soft muted colors.  We have been inspired by lace and embroidery techniques such as Guipure, Alencon, Chaintilly, Brocade through our material research.  We are looking to infuse these techniques and materials to our next collection. 

Describe the Bella Belle woman in 3 words…go!
Romantic, elegant and sophisticatedThree local companies that you love? This can be anything from fashion to home décor, etc…

HUDSON for amazing unique home decor

TATTE serves the most delicious pastries, coffee and other delicious brunch food.  

CEREMONY Boston curates the most beautiful wedding dresses from hard-to-find designers.

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