Reworking Overalls

April 17, 2014


I purchased these overalls back in August with the intention that I would be wearing them all the time. In reality, every time I put them on I found them to be a bit too baggy for my body, which made me feel awkward and not inclined to wear them. The other day I decided to wash and dry them in the hopes that shrinking them would make them work on me. I think it did the trick because when I put them on this time around they seemed to fit much better. Adding the heel also gave me some height and dressed them up, giving these overalls new life, and giving me a new appreciation for them.








9What I’m Wearing: Overalls; Big Star // Shirt; Zara // Scarf; Sarah Stevenson for Target // Shoes; Aldo // Clutch; Zara // Bracelets; Hen by Gen, Chapters/Indigo

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