Recreating Emma Stone’s Oscars 2015 Beauty Look

March 4, 2015

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This year I didn’t get a chance to watch the Oscars and enjoy my usual ritual of popcorn, red wine and Tweeting about all of my favourite celeb looks because I was so busy working on my Marilyn Denis Show segment (apologies again for all of the secrecy). Of course the next morning I made up for missing out on all of the red carpet drama by binge searching all of the looks online. You do that too, right? Out of all of the looks from the evening  Emma Stone’s was the only one to literally make my jaw drop. Her Chartreuse hand-beaded custom Elie Saab gown was so stunning, and what really sealed the deal was her perfect springy makeup. As soon as I saw her gorgeous glowing skin and coral lip I knew I had to recreate it for myself. Luckily the lipstick colour was by Revlon, so creating this look was easily accessible and cost efficient!


1. To get that glowing skin look that Emma Stone had on the red carpet I mixed 1/2 a pump of my regular foundation with 1/2 a pump of BB cream. I then Added two drops of Benefit’s High Beam into the foundation mixture so that my skin would have a luminance to it. After I finished my base, I used this concealer to cover up any blemishes and this concealer to brighten up my eyes. I finished by setting my foundation with a light dusting of powder. I then added a few more drops of High Beam onto my cheekbones up to my temples, down the bridge of my nose and onto my cupids bow.

2. Instead of the Angélique shade by Chanel that Emma Stone’s makeup artist used for her Oscars look, I opted for Revlon’s Classy Coral blush and applied it to the apples of my cheeks. I found the coral colours to be very alike and gave me a similar blush that Emma Stone sported on the red carpet for a fraction of the price. 3

3. I applied Almay’s Cashmere shadow softie all over my lids concentrating especially on my brow bone and eye duct. This really highlighted my eyes and allowed them to really stand out.

4. I brushed the bottom of my lid to the crease with a medium soft brown shadow.


5. Emma Stone’s makeup artist Rachel Goodwin made it a point that she didn’t use any black when creating Emma’s beauty look. Going off of that I lined the bottom and the top of my lids with Revlon’s Colorstay eyeliner in Brown.

6. I finished off my eyes with two coats of Revlon’s Lash Potion in Blackened Brown on the top and bottom of my lashes.


7. My absolute favourite part of Emma’s look was the lips so I splurged a little and purchased the exact lip liner that Emma Stone’s makeup artist used. I know that I am going to be re-creating this lip time and time again so I felt nothing would compare to Chanel’s Rouge Candy lip liner. I fully lined my lips with this beautiful liner which made the lipstick last extra long.

8. Finally I used Revlon’s Tulip lipstick which Emma also wore and applied it with a lipstick brush to get the most precise fill. I LOVE this colour and am so happy that it’s so affordable so everyone can enjoy!


7Ps; For my hair I simply wrapped big pieces around a curling iron, gently brushed my hair out and clipped it to the side with a couple bobby pins.

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