Ooh Baby Blue

June 3, 2021

Hey guys! If you follow me on IG you likely already know that I have been struggling on the mental health front. If you didn’t know that, well now you do. I feel a little anxious posting content that portrays me looking one way but feeling another on the inside, so I want to really drive home that just because photos look a certain way, doesn’t mean there aren’t other things going on. One thing that brings me an immense amount of joy is planning photoshoots and now, even more, when I can involve my kid(s) in them. I had planned to shoot these a couple of weeks ago but obviously, I was not feeling up to it. However, I was feeling well enough to get myself ready and take photos on the last evening that my sister and mom were staying over at our house and so I went with that feeling it and I am happy I did. We were just able to catch the last bit of the apple blossoms before they fell, and Edwin was having the best time running around this apple orchard. I think, even though he loves his little bro, that he really enjoys it when he gets to spend solo time with mommy and daddy. My soul also craves spending time where I can be completely present with him. Edwin is such a sweet boy and free spirit, and his personality just shines so brightly. Yesterday, I got a little freaked out when a bug landed on my head and I said to Edwin ‘mommy just got a little scared of the bug but it is ok now” and he said back to me “that’s alright mommy, you just have to be brave.” I nearly burst into tears after hearing him say that. For our little mommy & Edwin (and daddy too behind the camera, haha) we wore coordinating outfits from my friend Emma Knudsen. I’m wearing the Leigh dress in slate which is a classic Emma Knudsen silhouette done a bit differently with a more structured fabric, long, cuffed sleeves, and buttons. It’s so comfortable and looks great worn casually with a pair of sneakers. Edwin is wearing Maville Mini which is Emma’s recently launched kids clothing label. This navy sweat set fits beautifully and is cozy. It is definitely a fave in Edwin’s closet at the moment. Also, how cute is this “mini” sweater…I love it!

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