My Bridal Shower

August 22, 2018

It was so hard going through all of the photos from my bridal shower to narrow down and share with you. There were nearly 600 photos (mostly of myself and family) but goodness did it ever take me a while to sift through them. I wish I could share every photo with you, but I figured I’d keep the more personal ones for myself/family and share the little details and a few snaps of me with my sisters, mom, grandma and soon-to-be mother in law here.

My sweet sweet sisters, who are also my maids of honor, put together the most wonderful bridal shower that was more than I could have ever asked for. The shower was at Field Guide which is a small, albeit detail oriented, cocktail bar and restaurant in Halifax’s north end. It was the perfect, intimate space to host those closest to me. The evening was spent drinking signature cocktails, enjoying little bites that Field Guide created just for the shower and playing a few games. Each game was so much fun form bridals bingo to “how well do you know the bride“. Some of the answers to that game included: my favourite movie: Titanic, my go-to drink: red wine or a margarita, my first job: paper girl and a song that will always get me up and dancing: Benny And The Jets. It was so fun reading some of the answers people came up with but of course, my mama won the game…thank goodness because she raised me! 

My bridal shower was truly one of the most special days of my life. I felt so “showered” with love and couldn’t have been happier than to share those memories with those I love most. I hope you enjoy these photos and this more personal post! xo
{My amazing sisters who threw me the most wonderful shower and my mama.}
{Bridal shower bingo.}
{Little chalkboard details.}
{Little dessert table + rosette cake from layers}
{Mama and me.}
{Possibly my fave snack of the evening, mozzarella on toast with pickled grilled zucchini and basil.}
{The prettiest charcuterie set up & the bridal shower menu.}
{My soon-to-be mother in law and I.}
{One of my two signature cocktails, “The Garden Party”, you can find recipes for both cocktails here.}
{Mini pork carnitas with salsa and sour cream.}
{Quite possibly the funnest bridal shower game; toilet paper wedding dresses.}
{Shrimp tostado with apple and mint & carrots with ranch and seeds.}
{Cutting my adorable pink rosette cake from Layers}
{This photo sums up my sweet grandmas personality exactly.}

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