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February 22, 2016

When I think of bodysuits my mind quickly jolts back to my senior year in high school + first 2 years of college when American Apparel was all the rage. I can absolutely guarantee that if you saw me out and about downtown you would most likely find me a in low back, long-sleeved bodysuit paired with a tight, high-waisted skirt…oh the horror. I like to think that my style has evolved quite a bit since those days and although skeptical of the resurgence of the bodysuit at first, I feel as though my 2016 self is equipped to handle such articles of clothing in a much more responsible way. This Lovers+ Friends bodysuit from Revolve definitely had a huge part in my foray back into the bodysuit due to it’s a classic white colour, substantial fabric (for a bodysuit) and just a hint of sex appeal with the oversized, tied up key-hole. I feel totally comfortable wearing it around during the day or night, and when paired with a pink, flowy and feminine trench I really think that this is the start of a rekindled bodysuit flame. 
lovers_and_friends_2 lovers_and_friends_3 lovers_and_friends_4 lovers_and_friends_5 lovers_and_friends_6 lovers_and_friends_7
What I’m Wearing: Bodysuit; Lovers + Friends c/o Revolve (here) // Jacket; Lovers + Friends c/o Revolve (here) // Jeans; Citizens of Humanity (here) // Heels; Forever 21 (similar)

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