Highs and Lows + A Few Extras From Ste. Anne’s Spa

December 15, 2017

{Morning coffee cheers in the biggest bed I’ve ever snuggled in to.}

Our bags are packed and we’re ready to go! There’s only a few more hours until we leave for Halifax for the holidays and of course, I am SO excited! I feel more prepared than ever before to relax and unwind and I think that is because I’ve prepped my little tush of work-wise. I’ve crossed my t’s and dotted my I’s, and I feel confident that there will be no last-minute work debacles. Last weekend, I even had time to sneak away to Ste. Anne’s Spa with a few bloggers girlfriends. We all had such an amazing time and were honestly treated like royalty. There were massages, a massive cottage for us to stay overnight in and a private chef who cooked us the most delicious dinner. The mini trip was exactly what I needed to power through the rest of this crazy week! As always, have a great weekend, I’ll see you Monday!
{Christmas views from Ste. Anne’s Spa}
{So happy I scooped up Pink poinsettia this year.}
{Christmas in house format.}
{If you insist.}
{A Garland wrapped sign at Ste. Anne’s horse stables that was much more inviting than the horses (one bit my toe you guys).}
{The cutest miniature trees in colourful wooden buckets.}

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