Highs and Lows

July 12, 2013

I have to say my week was jammed packed with activities. Ranging from a trip to Wolfville for wine tasting, the market for breakfast, the beach, kayaking, multiple lunches and dinners (Cha Baa Thai and two of the Hamcachi Houses), and spending time with family and friends. This weekend, however I intend to relax a bit by spending some down time with those close to me and working on upcoming blog posts. Enjoy your weekends everyone, here are my highs of the week.

IMG_3195I’ve been really into inspirational quotes lately, I’ve even made a whole  Pinterest board. This one, in Mahone Bay,  made me smile.
IMG_3478A pile full of candy that my sisters put together for my boyfriend for his 22 birthday.

IMG_1553A bubble floating on the beach.

IMG_3494A candle in an ice-cream sandwich for a make shift birthday cake. Make a wish!
IMG_3500My sweet little sister made me homemade pancakes and strawberry sauce before I had to go to work.

A pretty orange flower in Wolfville.

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