Highs And Lows

December 8, 2017

{Attemping to get a cute shot of my new PJ set and Milo wanted in on the action, so we made the best of it. (top here, boxers here, robe here.)}

Anyone else feeling like it is about time for a break!? Christmas can literally not come soon enough in my opinion. This year, we’re actually keeping it low-key in the gifting department and so I am most looking forward to spending quality time with my family instead of running around looking for the perfect gift once back in Halifax. I also can’t wait to take a little blogging break come the 24th. Until then, this weekend will be spent catching up on work so I can sneak away Sunday and Monday for a little spa getaway with some blogger gal pals. It’s going to be a ton of fun and I’ll be sure to share some! Have a great weekend everyone, see you Monday. 
{Seriously upped my Christmas music listening game with a few new record purchases.}
{The prettiest illustrated ornaments from the STC Holiday MRKT. I’ll be sharing more next week!}
{This waffle bar at the Toronto Christmas Market was begging for a photo.}
{Unapoligetically happy about the fact that this marshmallow was as big as the cup.}

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