Highs and Lows

February 7, 2014

1{Get well flowers and heart-shaped cookies from a good friend who came over to visit me.}

Yesterday I had my first appointment at the hospital to figure out more about my foot. Basically, the doctor was very quick and all I learned was that I have to wear an aircast for the next 3 weeks. I am still not allowed to walk on my foot until at least my next appointment and so I have come to the realization that I am going to just have to push through this annoying time with a positive attitude. The good part about the boot at least, is that I am able to take it off to shower and for outfit posts, so that is definitely a plus! Have a great weekend everyone!


{Mid week takeout from our favourite Thai spot Sukothai}


{A jar of left over paint chip heart and heart-shaped straws for Valentines Day}


{My aforementioned aircast that I am now referring to as my moon boot.}


{A pretty pink tea-cup filled with cinnamon hearts Jamie brought me home yesterday}

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