Highs and Lows

November 8, 2013

{The ferris wheel in Niagara that I was embarrassingly terrified to board.}

Last weekend my boyfriend and I took my sisters to Niagara for the first time to celebrate their 19th birthdays. We had a lovely dinner, took a ride on the ferris wheel (above), and went to the casino, where my sister won $100 from a lucky 777 on the first try (she stopped gambling after that, good girl!). Later this week I purchased the most beautiful shiny green Tibi skirt, just in time for the beginning of the holiday season from Winners for a shockingly low price, thanks to Style Forage who gave me the great tip! I hope all of you had a successful week like myself, for the weekend I plan on finishing up assignments and attending buffer festival (you can learn more about it here) Enjoy your weekends!

{A beautiful necklace from Hen Jewelry. Blog post next week!}

{I love seeing all of the lights around the trees at night while on my way to class.}

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